Smart Market

KwiK Smart Maket model is based on the principle of offering "things as a service" under the premise "self service and pay per use", You can participate as a provider and / or consumer of products, services and applications according to the role you choose

All this within the framework of a very fast and simple process, whose fundamental characteristic is the immediacy of access to the service without requiring the assistance of computer specialists, nor tedious installations, nor deployment costs, nor licensing costs, nor any other hidden cost

Immediately after completing the self-provisioning, users will have at their disposal a secure, private and completely dedicated environment, in which they can consume and manage all self-provisioned services and applications through a personalized DashBoard, accessible from any device

Plan Estratégico
Plan Operativo
Other Services
Virtual Office for Entrepreneurs

Definitely, entrepreneurship is the most powerful force to create positive change in the world and the driver of global economic growth. In this context, we are pleased to present the Virtual Office as a vehicle capable of offering tangible solutions for entrepreneurs and unemployed people

Companies Digitalization & Internacionalization

Our PCT has designed different services to accompany Companies in their Digital Transformation, from personalized guidance so that they can publish their products, services or applications on KwiK; until specific supports to carry out your Internationalization Plan

Landing Promoters - Investors

It´s about providing both Promoters and Investors with the means and methodologies so that they can approach and meet; and from there they continue to have innovative tools to optimize their communication channels throughout the process and naturally, all the facilities to develop the project within the PCT eCosystem framework 

Benefits for all actors
Digital Signature of Critical Documents
Digital Signature of Critical Documents

KwiK has been designed and oriented to allow interaction between suppliers and consumers in a private, safe and friendly self-management environment



KwiK fosters and strengthens an interactive and collaborative exchange space. It promotes new communities and new forms of relationship without limits, authentic "Value Networks" that integrate consumers, entrepreneurs, service providers, mentors, public organizations, investors, financial entities ... You can assume as many roles as you wish in the field of virtual organization and operate according to your need


All actors are identified, authenticated and authorized. We will all know who are the people who provide services and the people who consume and pay. Nothing will prevent you from acquiring products, services or applications and, at the same time, offering your own products, services and applications



Manages the SINGLE SIGN ON concept, ensuring that access to all services is resolved without having to re-identify each time a different service is required

Offering, in addition, the possibility of identifying with other accounts with which the user has previously registered in other Virtual Organizations of reference: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google...

The integration and Management of Electronic Signing of Documents in business processes offers enormous advantages and benefits, both at an economic, operational and sustainability level; which translates into a comprehensive optimization of the user experience



KwiK has integrated the most prestigious Electronic Document Signature and Management Platform in the world to secure all your transactions

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