Landing Promoters - Investors

It´s about providing both Promoters and Investors with the means and methodologies so that they can approach and meet; and from there they continue to have innovative tools to optimize their communication channels throughout the process and naturally, all the facilities to develop the project within the PCT eCosystem framework 

Business investment is one of the most important components of aggregate demand. Our value proposition is to bring the vast world of ideas and projects that require means to be developed with the investment world that facilitates and offers the possibility of carrying them out

Plan Estratégico
Plan Operativo
Other Services
Smart Market

KwiK Smart Maket model is based on the principle of offering "things as a service" under the premise "self service and pay per use", You can participate as a provider and / or consumer of products, services and applications according to the role you choose

Virtual Office for Entrepreneurs

Definitely, entrepreneurship is the most powerful force to create positive change in the world and the driver of global economic growth. In this context, we are pleased to present the Virtual Office as a vehicle capable of offering tangible solutions for entrepreneurs and unemployed people

Companies Digitalization & Internacionalization

Our PCT has designed different services to accompany Companies in their Digital Transformation, from personalized guidance so that they can publish their products, services or applications on KwiK; until specific supports to carry out your Internationalization Plan

Promoción de Ideas y Proyectos
Inversión en Ideas y Proyectos
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