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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to publish my products on KwiK?

      You can buy any product which displays "ADD" button 

      Clicking "ADD" button, product will be added to your Shopping Cart

      Clicking on the Cart (located in the Site´s upper right corner) you can see the detail of your order so far


  • I want to develop my business by creating and publishing my Professional Services on KwiK?

      After adding and reviewing the added products, you will select the Shipping Method and press the "SEND PURCHASE ORDER" button

      Once the Purchase Order has been confirmed and digitally signed, the "PAY YOUR BUY" button will be enabled

  • I want to integrate my applications on KwiK Cloud and publish them as SaaS?


  • I need investment for my Project and I want to publish it on KwiK Landing?

      Deliveries are made through  Correos  throughout the European territory and we will inform your telephone number or email about the details for the online tracking of your package 


  • I'm an Investor, how does KwiK help me find the project I'm looking for?

      Speech about how it is resolved with the Supplier XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The product warranty only applies to factory failures


  • I'm a Consumer, what differential aspects does KwiK offer me so that I can choose it?

      Speech about how it is resolved with Supplier XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  • What advantages does "My Private Zone" and "Quick Panel" bring me?

      Speech about how it is resolved with Supplier XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • How can I interoperate from my Management App with KwiK?

      Speech about APIs  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX